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  • Record of 100 publications by Dr. G Dilip Chandra
  • Dr. A.Y Chary: Author of Books in Surgery - 1. Clinical and operative surgery Case approach & Discussion for UG and PG
  • Surgery in Shorts - A book of surgery by Dr.A Y Chary
  • Panalist examiner for National Board examination during Association of Surgens of India annual meet.
  • National and International Publications by Professor of Physiology by Dr. Nageshwari
  • National workshop on Open Hernia Surgery by Dr. A Y Chary at Madras Medical College Chennai, Mahatma Medical Colege Ahmadabad, Surderjung Medical College New Delhi.
  • Workshop on Abdominal wall closer Technques by Dr. A.Y. Chary, Bhopal Medical College, Sher-e-Kashmir Medical collge, Srinagar.



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